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ONLINE program

How To Get Your Off Button Back

This is the quick start program to reboot your overdrinking habit.  How to Get Your Off Button Back is a self-guided, online video course that teaches you the 5 foundational steps to stop overdrinking and break the habit cycle. By using these 5 key steps, you’ll be able to stop overdrinking and get your off button back. Whether you want to be alcohol free or just drink less, this online program can get you there.

Group Coaching Program

Drink Less Lifestyle

This is my signature coaching program that teaches you how to love your life without even thinking about alcohol.  You become a woman who has joy and fun without wanting or needing a drink.  In this program, you learn how to change your relationship with alcohol and discover peace, confidence and control again.  It’s truly amazing!  This comprehensive 12-week program includes a robust library of tools, community support, and personal coaching with Dr. Sherry Price.  


Private Coaching Session with Dr. Sherry Price

Struggling with a particular issue or problem?  I help you solve your issue and see it differently.  In the session, you’ll understand what’s getting in the way of achieving your goal and best self.  I coach on many topics including drinking, spouses who drink, stress management, weight loss, money, relationships, sex/intimacy, marriage, productivity, procrastination, and others.    

Currently Invitation Only


This is my exclusive membership program where we take your life to the next level.    


private One-on-one session

Inner Voice/Intuition Session

Connect with your inner wisdom/intuition and learn what it has to say about your life. These powerful 1:1 sessions go past the judgments of the mind and help you understand your deepest self and connect with your spiritual essence. The sessions are 90 minutes long. They are conducted over Zoom (no video) and should be done in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Come and learn from the wisdom of your highest self.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fear and doubt come up anytime we consider making a change. This is completely normal and expected. And I can help you with these feelings. The environment is loving, supportive, and non-judgmental.

Doing this program as you do life is the best part. Life will always be busy. Learning to apply these tools in the most stressful of times is the best learning.  You learn to put your excuses to rest.  You either make it a priority for you or you don’t.  It’s your health.  Decide yes or no and commit to that decision.

Yes. If you’re frustrated that you’re not making progress faster, or you feel you still have intense desire for the drink, or like you’re missing out, or you notice yourself isolating, this program will help you change all of that.  This is about creating peace with your relationship with alcohol.

Yes, that was me too. It is because you were focused mainly on the drink (the external) and saying no to the drink. In my programs, we focus on the root cause, the desire (the internal), and change it. This is different than most programs out there as it doesn’t focus on willpower, self-control, days of abstinence, or changing your environment or your friends. It’s getting at the root cause of your drinking so you can change it permanently.

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