What Do I Say To Others When I Am Not Drinking?

I remember when I was starting to cut back on my drinking and wondering what to say to my friends about it.

Or if I should even mention it.

Why did it seem like a big deal if I drank or not?

It’s a big deal because it’s the way we have operated for so long around them.

It’s a big deal because we feel awkward not drinking.

It’s a big deal because a BASIC human need is to be liked and accepted which means to fit in.

To go with the crowd.

And drinking is so normalized – it is what we do as adults in our society. We drink.

But think about it this way.

Would it be such a big deal if the substance was cocaine?

Would you hem-and-haw over your decision to join in?

Would you think “I’ll just do 1 line” and stop?

Most likely not.

You would just politely decline.

So why do we treat alcohol any differently?

Why do we get so weird over it?

It’s because of our mental programming.

We worry they will think that:

  • I might have a problem
  • Maybe she’s pregnant
  • They won’t want to hang around with me
  • I am not fun
  • I am boring

News flash: we can’t control what other people think of us.

And it should be NONE of our business what they think.

Their thoughts are theirs. And they can think whatever they want.

I want to make the decisions that are right for ME and not manage people’s thoughts about who I should be.

I want to live my truth.

When you live in your truth, you find your people.
And the connections are even better when they are “your people”.

How many times do people join in for a drink when they really know they shouldn’t?

Why are you letting other people decide for you how to live your life?

These are the issues we tackle in my coaching program.

You hear me say it all the time – YOU are the author of your life.

YOU get to decide who you want to be.

Don’t give that privilege away.

When you are comfortable living in your choices no matter what, you experience true freedom.

It is downright bliss.

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