Women's Empowerment Retreat

September 29 – October 2, 2022
Omni San Diego Hotel
San Diego, CA

This is an opportunity to connect with your deepest desires and goals and learn how to live your life empowered.

The Power of
this Retreat

Why attend the Women’s Empowerment Retreat? Life gets busy and we lose our way and what is most important to us. We find ourselves prioritizing others over ourselves and not going after our goals or living as our highest self. This can lead to feeling bitter, empty, and even angry inside.

During this retreat, we’ll be connecting with our inner wisdom on our deepest goals and desires. You’ll learn how to create an empowered life and a specific path to get you there using science-based tools that drive lasting behavior change.  We’ll be elevating your lifestyle habits!

At the retreat, we will:

You’ll leave the retreat with clear goals, an action plan, and tailored strategies to live your life empowered.


Women's Empowerment Retreat

Instead of feeling powerless or reactive, you use your inner power to release old emotions, thoughts, and habits to create lasting change.  You are in control and empowered to accomplish your goals.

Elevate You, Elevate Your Life.

During the Women’s Empowerment Retreat, you’ll elevate how you show up for yourself by:

Here is what's included when you register for the Women’s Empowerment Retreat:

You have a mission for your life. And this retreat turns on your power for discovering and achieving it.

20 Epic Women Creating Their Epic Life

Women's Empowerment Retreat

Consistently make decisions that are aligned to your core values and goals

Lead your life with more self-confidence, strength, and resilience

Create an empowered home where you are supported and loved

Achieve your small and big goals using the empowered tools you've learned

Tap into your power and influence and be a leader within your community

Use tools and skills to stay on target and stop self-sabotaging habits

Step Into Your Empowered Life

Women's Empowerment Retreat

September 29 – October 2, 2022

Thursday Night

We’ll kick off our time together at the Omni San Diego Hotel at 7pm. We’ll meet at the West Coast Social inside the hotel and celebrate and connect over small plates, drinks, and delightful conversation!


We’ll spend the day clarifying your dreams, desires, and goals through powerful discussions and inspiring presentations. You’ll look at what keeps you stuck from achieving your goals and how to eliminate these obstacles.

After our time together, you’ll have the evening free to relax, hang out by the pool alone or with new friends, or explore beautiful San Diego.


We start the day with your mission from Friday.  You’ll look at how you fuel yourself and learn empowerment tools to accomplish your goals. You’ll solidify your action plan and structure your days for empowerment and success.

After our big day together, we’ll end with more connection and celebration time as we head out to dinner in downtown San Diego.

What you CAN expect after ATTENDING THe

Women's Empowerment Retreat

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