Never Give Up

The world is experiencing turmoil and big disruptions.

We are being asked to do things and operate differently.

Our norm has changed and all of us are affected.

We need to learn and adapt to our new circumstances.

It’s a disruption that will be our new norm for weeks to months.  Maybe longer.

Change is hard, mostly at first, because it is different.

It’s hard until it’s the new norm.

Until it becomes the new way we do things.

And now is not a time to give up or check out.

Never give up on what matters most.

It’s a time to step up.

To not fear change, but to embrace it.

Dropping the resistance to change frees us emotional and shifts us mentally.



Which is not the same as liking.

Accepting change is easier than resisting it.

Embracing reality is much easier.

Just like with overdrinking.

The delusion we have of drinking helping us is not based in reality.

It hurts us and our relationships.

And we resist what needs to change.

Be willing to accept what is true.

Then change can take place with more ease.

Never give up on you.

Just give up the resistance to change.



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