My Life Appeared Great On The Outside

From the outside, I was highly successful in my work and family life.

I have all the markers of society’s definition of success – career as a pharmacist, great family, loving home life, active member in our community and church, and overall a good human being.

Yet, I wasn’t at peace with myself because I had this drinking ‘thing’ that I couldn’t control very well.

And I didn’t like it.

One thing about me is that I like to control things.

It bothered me that my drinking didn’t feel like a healthy amount for me.

It troubled me that I didn’t know when enough was enough and how to cut myself off.

I thought about drinking much more than I cared to admit.

Nothing seemed as fun unless I was drinking.

Everything seemed better with a drink.

And if one drink made it fun and better, then my brain told me to have more.

My brain wanted to keep this habit so it looked for evidence that my habit wasn’t so bad.

I felt validated when I saw others posting on social media that they were drinking too.

I was part of the crowd.

This is how us moms relax.

But I didn’t want to rely on alcohol as much as I was.

I didn’t want to be drinking this much.

It was numbing me out from my life that I didn’t get excited about much else in life.

My joy came from pouring another glass.

The “I’m giving it up” to the “I’m giving in again” cycle went on and on.

This cycle frustrated me.

I felt like I couldn’t get my act together.

What I wanted and what I did were 2 very different things.

Why was it so hard to give it up and just have it occasionally like I used to?

  • It’s because I kept feeding the overdesire I had for it.
  • It was my thoughts about alcohol that kept me wanting it.
  • It was my feelings towards alcohol that kept me desiring it.

So my actions were to drink.  And if I didn’t drink, I felt deprived because of my thoughts and feelings that kept me wanting it.

That’s the part that needs to change.

When you change your thoughts and feelings towards alcohol, you change your relationship with alcohol.

When you don’t desire alcohol much, you won’t be drinking much.

Changing your desire Is the key to redefining your relationship with alcohol.

If you would like my help in changing your relationship with alcohol, schedule a consult call with me here to learn more about my group coaching program.


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