Miswanting refers to the phenomena that people think a certain something will make them happy, but in reality, the thing doesn’t live up to their predictions.


We make mistakes about how much happiness we will have when we get that thing we want.


Think about your last splurge on Amazon or other store.  Did that purchase actually provide you the amount of happiness you thought it would when you purchased it?


If we were to rate your happiness on a scale before the purchase and a week after the purchase, would the number go up?  Most likely not.


This happens with drinking.  We want it because we think it will make us happier or we will be in a happier state.


Most of us aren’t any happier when we drink, especially beyond the first drink.


And we certainly aren’t happier in the long run.  It’s the exact opposite.


We feel disappointed and upset with ourselves.


We miswant because our brains are terrible at predicting what makes us happy.


And we keep pursuing the drink we think will make us happy, wondering why we are so depressed all the time.


Check in with yourself to see where you might be miswanting.


It’s a brain prediction error.


And it can be corrected.

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