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Sherry B. Price, PharmD, MBA, APh, BCPS is a certified life coach, pharmacist, and creator of the Drink Less Lifestyle podcast and program. She helps women kick the overdrinking habit, regain confidence and control around alcohol, and create a life they love. She’s also created EpicYOU, a program for women wanting to take their life to the next level.

ShoutOut SoCal

January 2022

Want to know more about Dr. Sherry Price and how she learned to take control of her drinking habit without quitting drinking? In ShoutOut SoCal, read about how she developed the skills and tools to help hundreds of women do the same.

Discover Magazine

April 2022
Sherry Price Discover Magazine April 2022

When do you recognize that it’s time to take control over your reliance on alcohol? Read Sherry’s latest article in Discover Magazine on how to create a new relationship with alcohol and end your self-sabotaging habits. (Page 11)

Discover Magazine

January 2022
Choosing an Empowered Lifestyle Magazine Article

Are you one of the many people who begin a new year with intentions of creating a new lifestyle and then realized that it didn’t stick? Learn how to get the lifestyle you never dared to dream into reality.

InPowered Life

January 2022
The Inpowered Life Podcast

Are you looking to take control of your life and create positive shifts in your relationship with alcohol? Dr. Sherry Price guests on the InPowered Life Podcast to discuss how this unhealthy habit can be changed in a positive way.

Pivot 180

January 2022

The Pivot180 Weekly Boost offers humanity a source of positive encouragement for life experiences and insight in an open minded and welcoming platform.

Dr. Sherry Price joins the team to discuss who to Pivot to change your drinking habits.

Pharmacist Moms

January 2022
Sherry is guest starring on Pharmacist Moms Podcast

Sherry joins Suzanne Soliman on Coffee With Suzy (Pharmacist Moms) as they discuss the impact of overdrinking on women in pharmacy.

Finally Marketing That Works

November 2021

Dr. Sherry Price talks with Mitchell Slater about leveraging social media platforms to connect with women who are searching for a way to decrease their drinking habits and live the Drink Less Lifestyle.


Discover Magazine

August 2021
Dr Sherry Price on Cover of Discover Magazine

Dr. Sherry Price grants an exclusive interview to Discover Magazine.

“Breaking Bad (Habits)” reveals her story and how she found the path to change her life from empty to Epic. Read to story on pages 26-27.

The FemiNinja Project

September 2021
Femininja Logo on gray background

The FemiNinja project is a resource where you can listen to women and men share their personal experiences of recovering from life changing events.

Dr. Sherry Price guests on this innovative podcast to discuss her transformation from overdrinking to occasional drinking.   “Rethinking Our Relationship with Alcohol.” 

Discover Magazine

August 2021
Dr Sherry Price's Discover Magazine Article

Many women want to live a Drink Less Lifestyle – a life you love that you don’t need to escape from with alcohol.

In the most recent edition of Discover Magazine – “When and How to Draw the Line on Overdrinking” (page 71), I share what makes my approach unique, different and effective.

Discover Magazine

June 2021
Discover Magazine June 2021 cover

How do you break the habit before it becomes a major issue? Read Dr. Sherry Price’s article Managing to Manage an Incessant Desire on Page 10 of the June issue of Discover Magazine.

Modern Luxury Magazine

June 2021
Dr Sherry Price in Modern Luxury Magazine

Modern Luxury Magazine recognized Dr. Sherry Price as one of their Power Players of 2021. Learn more about Sherry and how she came about to helping women change their relationship with alcohol.

Into You Wellness Podcast

June 2021
Into You Wellness Podcast graphic

Dr. Sherry Price guests on this wellness program to discuss how she is helping women pursue what matters most in life.  By helping them learn what’s really in their way and how to finally get around it.

Weight Loss For Busy Physicians with Katrina Ubell, MD

Weight Loss for Busy Physicians

Sherry is welcomed on the Weight Loss for Busy Physicians podcast with Dr. Katrina Ubell, MD. Together they discuss how to move past any shame, uncertainty, or resentment to create a more mindful relationship with alcohol, and a healthier lifestyle.

The Skimm Podcast

April 2021
Skim This

4,000+ listeners told the Skimm’ This team that they believed drinking was the biggest habit from the pandemic that they needed to break. They invited Dr. Sherry Price to discuss this phenomena. 

The Widowed Moms Podcast

February 2021
Widowed Mom Podcast cover imaage

Sherry joins Krista St. Germaine to discuss what holds people back from seeking help when they know they are consuming too much alcohol. As well as tips and tricks to remove obstacles in your way.

The Alcohol Rethink Podcast

February 2021

She’s a coach who helps women break their overdrinking habits. He’s a coach who helps men do the same. On this episode hear both sides of the conversation around around alcohol.

Drink Less Lifestyle Podcast title

Top 20!

The Drink Less Lifestyle podcast was honored to be recognized as one of the 20 Best Lifestyle Podcasts of 2021 by Welp Magazine! It's amazing to receive such an award in the first year of our production.

Looking forward to more!

Discover Magazine

January 2021

How do you keep your New Year’s promise to yourself? It doesn’t matter what the promise is, most of us make one, and many of us never fulfill that promise. Discover a potential answer to this rollercoaster.

We Should Talk About That

January 2021

Overdrinking can be a difficult topic to discuss. The Jess(es) podcast is all about opening up the conversations that make us feel uncomfortable and helping us move past them.

San Diego Magazine

February 2021

Dr. Sherry Price is highlighted as the Face of Health/Wellness in San Diego magazine.

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