“I Know It’s Bad”

We know the right thing to do.

We KNOW when our drinking has become too much for our liking.

Therefore, it isn’t a lack of knowledge.

We can get all the knowledge and facts on the internet.

It is all available.

For free.

You can search how to do anything you want.

So knowledge is not the problem.

We THINK that taking the right action is where we struggle.

I argue that isn’t the case.

It is our thinking and feeling that hold us back from taking action.

Would you take action if the results were guaranteed?

Of course you would.

So it isn’t the taking of the action that’s the problem — it is the belief that you can and will do it.

And being willing to have all the feelings along the way.

When you have the belief that you can do something, you DO it.

When you don’t have the belief you can accomplish something, you wait for the right time.

You wish.

You justify your current behavior.

And basically take no action.

What’s worse?

You commit to your current belief that you can’t cut back and this belief gets stronger and deeper rooted in your brain.

That’s the cycle that I help you break.

We don’t feed that belief system anymore so it doesn’t grow deeper.

We start anew.

A reset.

There are 6 weeks until 2020.  What will be your relationship with alcohol in the new decade?

You get to decide.

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