Getting Off The Drinking Hamster Wheel

It’s another Monday.

After a long weekend, I would start Monday’s off with a clean slate.

I would tell myself it is time to get off the drinking hamster wheel.

Fresh with resolve in the morning and determined to break the cycle.

It felt so good in my mind to put my drinking habit behind me.

I felt unburdened and free in that moment.  It felt achievable.

Ahhh.  The taste of freedom.

By Monday night, I was drinking.  My thoughts shifted to:

  • I deserve this
  • One doesn’t count
  • This is what I do
  • I’ll start again tomorrow

If this is you, your brain is getting in the way of the life you truly want.

Why let it get in the way when there is a way to change it?

And it doesn’t require surgery, chemo, missing days of work to go somewhere, or other people knowing.

And it can be done privately in the convenience of your own home in a matter of weeks.

But yet, we rather live with our excuses and justifications.

We choose to stay stuck on the hamster wheel.  We choose to tolerate the downsides of drinking.  We tell ourselves that the weight gain is from menopause or getting older.

We justify it rather than fixing it.

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