Today is Memorial Day.

A day to honor and mourn the military personnel who gave their life serving in the Armed Forces.  We are forever grateful for their heroic courage and action.

Because of their commitment and service, we have many freedoms.

But what about freedom from drinking?

How would YOU define freedom from drinking?

Not everyone’s answer is the same.

A common answer I hear is to be able to take it or leave it.

Some say to have no desire for it at all.

For me, I want to be able to have it sometimes and stop after 1 or 2 drinks.

Like today, I will have 2 drinks while we are boating and be done.

I won’t overdo it like I’ve done in the past.

That never felt good to me anyway.

I don’t miss having more.

Not in the slightest.

I love being able to have 2 and stopping.

With no desire for any tomorrow.

That’s freedom for me.

Alcohol freedom is available to you – anytime you choose it.

Cheers to our freedom!

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