What greater joy is there than living the life of your dreams the way you were meant to? Get front-row seats to next-level transformation that will see you living the EPIC quality lifestyle of your dreams. 

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You are invited to a 2 1/2 day

Women's Empowerment Summit

September 29 - October 2, 2022
Omni San Diego Hotel
San Diego, CA

A Chance To Change Your Life

A lot of us feel stuck in our lives, not able to break out of our old patterns. We may be experiencing an exhaustion that no amount of sleep can cure. Extra weight and physical unhealth due buffering out our day-to-day lives with alcohol, food, or drugs.

We have difficulty:

  • Changing Our Habits
  • Being More Mindful
  • Finding Our Passions
  • Overcoming Our Fears And Doubts
  • Finding Happiness With Ourselves
  • Connecting To Others
  • Dealing With Anxiety And Frustrations
  • Being Patient
  • And MORE

The Women’s Empowerment Summit is about breaking through those patterns, regaining our power, and finding a mindful path into new territory.

The Power of a Summit

Why attend the Women’s Empowerment Summit? Because in our busy lives, we don’t often have time to step back and look at the big picture.

During this summit, we’ll be taking time for ourselves. For our happiness and for developing a more mindful life. For understanding how our minds work and how we can start to effect change.

We’ll be:

  • Using mindfulness tools to create new patterns to deal with old habits
  • Discovering more Joy and gratitude in life
  • Seeing the underlying goodness in ourselves
  • Overcoming dissatisfaction with our lives
  • Finding what happens when you step back into your power

In othe words, every time you wished, “I had the time to do X with my life…but…”


Womens Retreat Collage
Imagine a life where instead of feeling powerless or reactive to the situations and circumstances around you,you become aware of what is really happening, developing the inner power to observe yourself, choose to release emotions, thoughts, and habits that are not serving you, and make new choices that are better aligned with the life you always dreamed of.

Women's Empowerment Summit

20 Epic Women Creating Their Epic Life

Women's Empowerment Summit

Make better decisions that are aligned to your core values and goals
Lead your life with more self-confidence, strength, and resilience
Become more attuned to your needs to create the outcome you desire
Create a life of satisfaction and happiness
Understand your power and influence as a woman
Never underestimate yourself again and make your goals

Shed Your Old, and Limiting Beliefs

Step Into Your Epic Life

Women's Empowerment Summit

September 29 - October 2, 2022

Thursday Night

Check-in to the Omni San Diego Hotel. Take some time to decompress, push away the expectations of life, and give yourself permission to take in this self-care space.

We’ll kick off our time together in the evening. Meet with other women on their epic journey to transformation in the West Coast Social restaurant of the hotel. Connect over small bites, drinks, and delightful conversation! 

Omni San Diego Hotel Pool

Following a leisurely morning, we’ll spend the day defining your epic life vision through powerful discussions and inspiring presentations.  We’ll focus on what truly lights you up and brings joy and energy into your life.

After our time together, you’ll have the evening free to relax, hang out by the pool alone or with your new friends, or explore beautiful San Diego.


Now you know your epic life vision.  Today is the day you’ll spend creating the plan to your higher quality life. Empowering and engaging each other in a powerful way to give you the support you need to sustain this powerful transformation long after you’ve returned home. 

After our big day together, we’ll end with more connection and celebration time as we head out to dinner in downtown San Diego.

What can you expect to happen after the

Women's Empowerment Summit

You'll have:

Greater satisfaction and success as you take charge of your life and your place in the world

Energy and inspiration from your unique power and possibilities

Greater impact in your interactions with others

An increased sense of self-appreciation and self-affection

The ability to challenge limiting beliefs that get in the way of your power and purpose

New tools and skills to get the more out of your life that is lacking

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