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A community of women who want to be healthy, confident, and empowered to accomplish their goals and live their best life.

~ Take Your Life To The Next Level ~

You’re smart, goal-oriented, and hard-working and running the show for everyone else.

You love making to-do lists to getting it all done.  You check the boxes – working, raising kids, laundry, homework, social events, bills are paid, and making sure everything is running smoothly and orderly.

You make sure everyone else around you is happy and content, but what about you?

Are You Achieving Your Goals?

Maybe you’re wanting to:

You can accomplish all this with a few skills while taking actionable steps.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

EpicYOU is where you learn HOW to stop delaying and start achieving your EPIC self.  You take your life to the next level.

In EpicYOU, you'll learn how to:

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EpicYOU ...

Creating the Best Version of YOU

From Ordinary to EPIC

It wasn’t long ago that I was doing all the things expected of me and wanting to do them to perfection. It felt great to make others happy and get validation from others. I’d take on more tasks at work and do more things because being so productive felt good. 

I ran my life by a Franklin Covey planner and loved my to-do list.  But I wasn’t getting to the things that mattered most to me.  I wasn’t prioritizing my needs and my health.

I was feeling burnt out and not fulfilled. 

I began relying on things outside of me to feel better – compliments from others, appreciation from my family that I was doing a good job, eating sweets, mindlessly snacking, or drinking more wine……all the while I was complaining and upset when nothing was changing.

I was neglecting my own happiness and too busy giving my power away to others that I was feeling the type of exhaustion that no amount of sleep could cure.

Until I developed the skills necessary to create the EPIC life I craved.

Until I stopped giving away my power and instead started taking EMPOWERED ACTION towards creating the life beyond my dreams.

Until I began to live as my true and authentic self.

And then my life went from feeling exhausted and energy-depleted to being EPIC.

Collage of Sherry Price living an Epic Life
How will these skills change your life?

By Using the Skills Inside EpicYOU:

If you’re looking for results like these, I invite you to join EpicYOU.  You’ll learn how to  start feeling more confident and in your power with actionable tools.

Live your life as the BEST version of YOU. I call that your EpicYOU.

Let's Make It Happen!

EpicYOU is a community for women over 40 who are ready to be confident, empowered, and healthy! You learn how to stop doing things that get in the way of achieving your most EPIC you (like overeating, overdrinking, procrastinating).  You’ll focus on creating a life of meaning, fun, joy and fulfillment!

Here's Everything You Get Inside EpicYOU:

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EpicYOU Library

Access to videos and workbooks that teach you actionable steps to create you most EpicYOU.

Hacks & Tools

Learn the tools in the Foundations course that help you create the most epic results in your life.

Foundational Videos

How to Lose Weight

The best and most researched way for women to lose fat and implement a healthy lifestyle.

Stop Overdrinking

Access to my "How to Get Your Off Button Back" program so you can stop your overdrinking habit.

Live Coaching

Live Coaching

Three powerful coaching calls per month with Dr. Sherry Price to get rapid transformation out of the tools and skills you're learning.

24/7 Support

24/7 access to a private Facebook community of like-minded women, who are all committed to self-growth, results, and empowerment.

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