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life that's so amazing you don't even think about drinking

You Want Your Power Back Over Alcohol and Learn to Love Your Life Again


Drink Less Lifestyle is having a life so amazing that you no longer need a drink to feel better about it.

Drink Less Lifestyle teaches you the skills you need to have confidence and control around alcohol.

In Drink Less Lifestyle, you’ll learn how to:

So many women tell me….

If this is you, I understand completely.

I was this way once too. And as a pharmacist, I knew my drinking habit wasn’t healthy and yet, I kept doing it.  It was a bad habit that I couldn’t seem to get control of.

But I didn’t want to give up alcohol completely. I didn’t want to be sober or alcohol-free for the rest of my life. I wanted to learn how to drink occasionally, socially, and on my terms.  I wanted to trust myself around alcohol again.

So, I’ve created a proven method that works. It’s called living a Drink Less Lifestyle.

Drink Less Lifestyle

Drink Less Lifestyle is a 3-month program that guides you through the path of creating a life so amazing while eliminating the mental chatter you have around drinking.  You become a woman who can take it or leave it with her drinking.

Is it right for you?

The Drink Less Lifestyle program is right for you if you’re a woman who wants to change her relationship with alcohol and learn how to drink with confidence and control or give it up completely without feeling deprived or labeled.

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Creating a lifestyle where you drink less shouldn’t be full of shame, regret, confusion, or feeling defeated every time you start.

There is a better way.

DRINK LESS LIFESTYLE Gives You The Exact Road Map You Need to Change Your Relationship With Alcohol 

Module 1


Module 2

Desire and Urges

Module 3

Emotional Regulation

Module 4

Future Self

Module 5

Proper Self-Care

Module 6

Handling Slip-Ups

Module 7

Mental Programming

Module 8


Module 9

Keeping Your Power Part 1

Module 10

Keeping Your Power Part 2

Module 11


Module 12

Celebrating Your Success

In Addition you'll get

8 group coaching calls per month with Sherry on Zoom (replays are available if you can't make the calls live)

Exclusive access to a Facebook community for daily written coaching and extra bonus material

Unlimited coaching by
Sherry during the program as you need

Bonus This Month: 

Monthly personal 1:1 coaching call with Sherry

Investment: $3,000

Frequently Asked Questions

You learn how to dismantle the overdrinking habit and change your desire for alcohol. It’s not about focusing on the drink by saying no, making rules, throwing it out, or avoiding it altogether. It’s working with your brain and doing the inner work to change your relationship to alcohol so that you are confident and in control.

Yes. You will learn the tools on how to create a Drink Less Lifestyle, meaning drinking less or not at all. Many women choose to be someone who can have 1 or 2 drinks and stop effortlessly because they are satisfied. In the program, you will discover the relationship you want to create for you.

Yes. You’ll learn how to deal with stress and emotions that generally cause you to drink. You’ll learn tools on how to eliminate urges, change your desire so you are satisfied with 1 drink or none, and how to around others who drink without caving into drinking. It’s not about avoiding people or alcohol, it’s about developing confidence and control.

Coaching is about looking at the present and what needs to change to get to your future goal. It’s about identifying what’s been holding you back and uncovering emotional blocks. We don’t go back in time to past events unless you feel it’s currently affecting you. It’s implementing strategies to move forward and create the life you want.

The group coaching calls happen at different times and on different days of the week to accommodate women in different times zones. The schedule is sent to you upon signing up. Each call is recorded and posted so you can watch the replay.

The coaching calls are 1 hour long and are held on Zoom. One person is coached by Dr. Sherry Price at a time. The focus is on moving forward and celebrating wins. These calls are not about coming together to complain, tell stories of our past, or wallow. It’s a completely supportive environment of women who want results and to move forward. We certainly address emotional issues that come up so that we can unblock any negative energy like shame or embarrassment so we can move forward.

The charge comes up as Sherry Price Coaching on the statement.

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