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Question Everything

Question everything. It is one of the best skills I learned as a life coach that I didn’t really explore before. Question the sentences we are fed. Question your beliefs. Are they working

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Miswanting refers to the phenomena that people think a certain something will make them happy, but in reality, the thing doesn’t live up to their predictions.   We make mistakes about how much

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I find this word to be misused in certain contexts. We talk about managing things in life. Managing a career, the kids, the bills, our calendar, our time, the pandemic. But we actually

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When we pivot, we change course. We are off in a new direction. It could be slight or significant. We are in times of a pivot. It will be interesting to see how

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Emotional Regulation

So much has changed in just a few short weeks. Emotionally, it has taken its toll on us. But, it’s not useful for us to allow our emotions to take over and rule

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Today. It’s the only day we know we get. We can spend it in fear and doing things we wish we weren’t, like drinking. We can spend it wishing for a different 24-hour

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Never Give Up

The world is experiencing turmoil and big disruptions. We are being asked to do things and operate differently. Our norm has changed and all of us are affected. We need to learn and

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Our Emotional State

People are scared. There is a palpable sense of panic, fear, and worry around us. We are glued to the news. Things are changing….fast. We are worried of what’s to come. It doesn’t

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Desire Frustration

Have you ever been frustrated by your own desire? You want something so bad but you wish you didn’t want it? You really want something sweet after dinner but wish you didn’t have

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Wanting vs. Liking

Our brains are not good at distinguishing between wanting and liking. The brain thinks that if we want something, we will like it. But that is not always true. Ever want something, buy

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What’s the Long-Term Effect?

Think about all the things you are doing right now. Think about the big things and the small things. Think about how they will affect your life in a year from now. Do

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