Desire vs. Decision

Is your wanting to cut back on your drinking a desire or a decision? A desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen or change. It is thinking about something without taking action. Staying in the yearning phase without taking action may feel like progress when it really isn’t. It is like fantasizing. Dreaming about what it would be like to have it or do it. A decision is knowing where you stand on something and committing to taking action to get there. It is forward movement. It is willing to take action despite it being hard or uncomfortable.  When we take action, however small, we then start to feel some motivation build which helps us to move further towards our goal.

Desiring something is wishing without a plan.

Action often proceeds motivation. Taking action creates motivation. Desiring something is wishing without a plan. Deciding means we are willing to do what it takes. Even if we just know the smallest next step to take. Where are you at with cutting back? What keeps you from making the decision, once and for all? What would it take to be all in, 100%? How would your life be different if you made the decision to commit to less alcohol in your life? Decide to commit, if it is what you want.

This one decision has a ripple effect across every area of your life.

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