Being Confused

Your brain likes to stay in confusion. It feels safe there. Confusion allows us to be idle, to stick with the status quo, to not make a decision, to remain non-committed. When we are non-committed, no different action is required of us. This feels like relief. But staying in confusion really means that we are making a decision – a decision to stay the same. We say we are confused because we don’t want to do the work. Getting out of confusion means we make a decision. We commit and work towards getting it. A commitment to cutting back on drinking means we have to drink less. We set a goal and work towards it.

Once you commit, now comes the tough part. You have to take action. You have to change how you think, feel, and act around alcohol. You have to “do the work.” This is what the brain wants to avoid – “doing the work.”  But “doing the work” is necessary for change to happen.

For the result YOU desire.

We say we are confused because we don’t want to do the work.

Be honest about what you want, and go after it. Drop all of the stories about why it won’t work. Drop all the drama. Be willing to do the work. Even when it is hard. Be willing to think new thoughts. Be willing to feel your feelings. Be willing to learn new things. Be willing to create the next version of you. This is how it works.

There are no short cuts my friends. If you are willing to do the work, you can have whatever you want in life. The same is true with your patterned drinking. What will you choose? I say choose to do the work and become the next best version of you.


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