Repeating The Stories

Is this story familiar to you?  A part of you is in a vicious cycle – the one you want to get out of.  The cycle where you say to yourself “This is enough.  I need to change.  I don’t want to keep doing this to myself.  My drinking has to stop.”  You tell yourself (and possibly others) so many times that you will change.  Today is the day.  You list all the reasons.   You know all the facts.  Yet, the day ends the same way as yesterday, and the day before that.  Your promise is never kept.  And the cycle repeats.

The agony is great, but the change doesn’t happen.  You repeat the same narrative. You remain the victim. On some level, it feels good there.  You feel safe and it Is known.   Your brain feels comfortable.

But why?

The agony is great, but the change doesn’t happen.

Why are you so afraid of a life with less alcohol?  The emotions.   It feels hard.   So, you prefer to drink.  Did you catch that?   You had a thought, “I prefer to drink.”  Wait, but you said you need to cut back or stop drinking earlier in the day.

What story are you believing?

The one earlier in the day or this latest, familiar one?  Your results will tell you.  If you keep drinking, you are believing the later, familiar story.  The story where you tell yourself that you want it or need it.  I recommend to start choosing to repeat the story that serves you.  Then your results will be just that.

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