The Compound Effect

I am an avid reader and one of my favorite books is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  In the book, Darren describes how our life becomes a compilation of all the small decisions we make each day. For example, if we choose to fuel ourselves with healthy foods each meal and exercise regularly, we will live a healthy lifestyle.  In essence, it’s the tiny decisions we make every day that compounds into the effect, or result, we get in our lives.

When we decide to give into the craving for that first drink of the day, that starts in motion the first choice we made, which is to drink.  And that first choice makes it easier to make the next choice to drink. It becomes “easier” to say yes to the 2nd drink. And then the 3rd.  In the bigger picture, we “think” the first drink will help us unwind, feel more relaxed, and turn off our brain.  While drinking does numb our feelings, it doesn’t actually remove the stress from our lives. The stress is still there when the effects of the alcohol wear off.

It’s the tiny decisions we make every day that compounds into the effect we get in our lives.

And the stress actually becomes compounded over time because we have the original stress (that we haven’t effectively dealt with), along with the stress on our mind/body from the alcohol (a toxin), AND on top of that, the guilt and shame we have in our heads about ourselves because of our drinking.

Bottom line? We didn’t really address the stress – and we added to it.  Stress compounded.  Anxiety compounded.  Depression compounded.  All of it is made worse.  Wouldn’t be it better to learn how to effectively deal with the stress?

But that takes more effort and a decision to make a change.

Sadly, most choose to continue to stay the same. They don’t think they are worth the effort and investment.

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