Making Decisions Ahead of Time

We love the feeling of having freedom.  We think that freedom means we get to decide in the moment – to do want we want, when we want.  Because, on the flip side, we think that if we decide ahead of time, we might not like our decision once we get to that point in time. When we make decisions ahead of time, we get freedom in the moment.  Have you ever decided ahead of time how much you will drink for the week?  Decide on Sunday what and how much you plan to have on each day that week.  What?  Your brain is telling you that is a crazy idea.  Your brain is telling you all the reasons this won’t work, “It’s too constrictive,” “It’s not an enjoyable way to live,” “I am just setting myself up for disappointment,” “I don’t want that level of monitoring or accountability.” Really? Are you serious then about cutting back and/or stopping?  That question must be answered first.

Living without decisions made ahead of time leads to unwanted consequences and more of what we don’t want in our life.

If we allow decisions to be made in the moment, we will always pick based on our emotions or what makes us feel good in that moment.  Do you see the danger in that?  We keep living a life not based on what we truly want and never making a commitment and sticking to it to get the results we do want.

When we make decisions ahead of time, we get freedom in the moment.

By making the decision ahead of time about if we will drink and how much, we will eliminate the mental chatter around drinking.  The mental chatter of “Should I drink?” “No, I won’t drink.” “Maybe, I’ll have a drink.” “Everyone else seems to be drinking,” wears us down to the point we usually give in every time.  We just want the chatter in our heads to go away.  When the mental chatter is gone, that feels like freedom.

The beautiful thing about decisions ahead of time is that you are living in integrity with who you want to be.  You are not making decisions from a self-pity or an emotional space.  What you once thought was “freedom” was actually not.  Freedom is about having a plan and honoring it.  By honoring your plan, you are honoring you and who you are and want to be.  You are living your authentic life.  You are getting the results you set out to achieve – with so much less drama and the abstinence of mental chatter.  And less decisions to make.  That’s freedom folks.

In my next post, I will talk more about sticking to your new plan.

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