What If It Were Possible?

As we age, we view life through our previous experiences.  We have tackled challenges and learned about them and ourselves along the way.  These learnings have been stored in our memories and we have locked them into our minds (e.g. that’s just the way things are, or I haven’t been able to do this thing before).  Our mindset becomes fixed and so does our identity. With this fixed mindset or perception, we don’t re-challenge our thinking.  We predict how the future will work out based on our past results.  Our minds, and therefore we, become locked in to a way of doing things and doing life.  We think change is difficult, maybe even impossible.

What if you decide to not consider the past and operate as if that thing you want IS possible?

Open up your mind to the possibility to have that thing you want in your life.  Go from discounting it to believing it.  If it sounds too good to be true and believe at this point, think about it being a possibility.  Research states that you must think it first with your mind before you can create it in your life.

Open up your mind to the possibility to have that thing you want in your life.

While I was drinking more wine than I wanted, I would think:

“I could be a woman who doesn’t desire alcohol.”

“My life could be better without alcohol.”

“What if alcohol was something neutral in my life?”

Now, I am living the life of these thoughts fulfilled.  The process seems slow at first, but progress doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s day by day.  Decision by decision.  The brain loves instant gratification, so the journey is not attractive for the brain.  Instead, focus on the end point and you can get the brain on-board quickly.

Do you want to be free from the over-desire of alcohol?  Be bold and take the next step despite the steps you have taken in the past.  It could be the best decision ever.

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