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Why Did I Do That?

Monday morning after the Super Bowl. The morning after the parties with festive food and lots of alcohol. Are you feeling on your game today? Not if you’ve over done it. Your head

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Drop The Story

We have practiced and rehearsed the same thoughts that keep us in the drinking habit. “This is just what I do.” “I just want a drink.” “This is a habit.” “This will help

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Your Gut

Food is medicine. We know a healthy diet decreases our chance for many diseases and helps us function at our best. Food signals various chemical cascades within the body and can turn on

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Internal Dialogue

Have you tuned into your internal dialogue? It may be roaring loud these days as you are making changes to your eating and/or drinking habits. What is it saying? Is it supporting your

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It’s Go Time!

It’s go time being the first full week of January. Many of us are using our motivating thoughts this week to pursue better health and better routines. We have thoughts like “It’s the start

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What Is Your System?

This is the time of year many of us set new goals. We are wanting and ready for change. There is a certain high we feel that comes with thinking about achieving the

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Wishing You Peace and Joy

Tis’ the season. Take a minute or two; even better to take an hour or so. And be with yourself. Rest.  Reflect.  Breathe. What are you thankful for in 2019? List them all.

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It’s Fake Happiness

Parties, parties, and more parties. Abundance in food and alcohol abound. We think we should join in and try it all. Our thoughts increase our desire for it. We think it will provide

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What Do You Monitor?

We monitor what is important to us. Monitoring means we pay attention and check the progress of something or keep it under systemic review. We monitor what our kids do, what they eat,

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Treating Yourself This Month

Happy December! It’s the last month of the decade. How will you be treating yourself this month? Most people will choose to overindulge this month. More food and more drink at family dinners,

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Count Your Blessings

Happy Early Thanksgiving! What will you make this week be about? Some will choose to focus on who gets to (or has to) cook, where the gathering is held, the attitudes of who

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“I Know It’s Bad”

We know the right thing to do. We KNOW when our drinking has become too much for our liking. Therefore, it isn’t a lack of knowledge. We can get all the knowledge and

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