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I Wanted To Not Want Alcohol So Much.


I relied on drinking to reduce stress and feel better.

A glass of wine was my way to relax at the end of the day and take the edge off.

Having that glass of Chardonnay helped me to unwind at night.  I used it as a way to transition from my work life to home life.  It was part of the process of making dinner.  It was just what I did.   And I didn’t question it for years.

But that one glass always turned into more.

Overtime, I was drinking a whole bottle of wine each night (sometimes more).  I didn’t like how I felt the next day and I knew it wasn’t a healthy habit. I wanted so badly to drink less, but I just kept overdrinking. Each morning I was convinced that “today was the day” to give it up but I seemed to cave into drinking by the end of the day.  

The thinking of my 6 a.m. self didn’t match the thinking of my 6 p.m. self.

It was frustrating to want something and not be able to do it. It was a habit I couldn’t shake… a habit that lasted for years.

I loved to drink.  It was my hobby.  It was what I did. Everyone around me drank.  It was part of my identity.

Being in healthcare (I’m a pharmacist) and knowing all the health statistics about overdrinking wasn’t enough to motivate me to break that habit.  It just made me feel more shame.  My brain would always find a reason to have a drink.  And I didn’t understand it because I had healthy habits and discipline in other areas of my life – just not with my drinking. 

I was living out of alignment with who I wanted to be.

I looked forward to that glass of wine at the end of my day. It was my stress reliever.  I just wanted to feel better…and relaxed.  I wanted to stop after 1 or 2 drinks but I always finished the bottle.  And I become more depressed the longer this cycle went on. 

My overdrinking numbed my stress and boredom, but it also kept me from feeling true joy and happiness.  That’s because alcohol not only numbs our negative emotions, it also numbs our positive emotions

But I didn’t want to stop completely.

Labeling myself didn’t fit me. I felt my drinking was a bad habit and it was running on auto-pilot. I wanted to kick the habit and move on with my life.  

Research shows that most people who overdrink don’t have a severe alcohol use disorder. If you told me I was pregnant, I knew I could stop instantly without having major withdrawal symptoms. But I didn’t want to stop altogether. I wanted to enjoy wine socially again and be a normal drinker.

Put simply, I wanted my off-button back. I wanted to be in control and have confidence around it.  I wanted to trust myself again. And I didn’t want to drink everyday or think about it all the time. It was taking up too much mental space for me and I wanted that to stop.  

What I wanted was to be able to take it or leave it. I didn’t know what the solution was.

About 90% of people who drink excessively would NOT be expected to meet the clinical diagnostic criteria for having a severe alcohol use disorder.

I discovered how to stop overdrinking...by changing my over-desire for it.

I studied how habits are created and how alcohol affects the brain.  And I learned the cognitive tools to break the cycle through my certification as a life coach. By applying these tools, I changed my over-desire for alcohol.  No more shame and frustration. Now I can take it or leave it when it comes to drinking.

Using this research and my personal experience, I’ve created a tailored program that helps women like me reprogram their brain connections (neural networks) to create a new relationship with alcohol.

Rewire your mental programming... and leave the guilt behind.

I help my clients identify the specific mental programming they have that is creating their over-desire for drinking. We rewire that programming for a version of them that doesn’t have the over-desire to drink.

We process and move past any shame, self-doubt, or frustration quickly and make room for the drinking pattern that works best for their lifestyle. Not sure what that drinking pattern is for you yet? No problem. I help my clients identify that during our time together.

Ready to live a Drink Less Lifestyle?

Through my program, you will gain control over your drinking by creating a new relationship with alcohol. You will learn healthy patterns and habits for better self-care.  My clients also experience greater self-confidence, weight loss, better sleep, less brain fog, more energy and overall feeling happier and less stressed. You’ll feel motivated, clear-minded, and more productive again.

Click below to learn the KEY STEPS to effectively break the overdrinking habit and become a person who can take it or leave it.

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Ready to break your overdrinking habit?

Click below to learn the KEY step to break the overdrinking habit and become a person who can have just one drink and be done.

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