Helping Women Live In Their Power

Helping Women Live An Empowered Life

~ I Hated My Drinking Habit ~

It left me feeling powerless, defeated, and not good about myself.

I’d start my day off berating myself on how much I drank the night before and how it needs to stop.  I felt tired, groggy, mad at myself, and in a place of continual self-loathing.

In that moment, I was committed to change.  But, I’d find myself pouring a drink by dinnertime.


When I overdrank, I forgot conversations, said things that I didn’t mean or didn’t remember, and I wasn’t giving those that I loved the best of me.  And I was not being the role model I wanted to be for my daughter.

I secretly worried that I couldn’t be happy without alcohol. 

I drank to get through the mundane tasks of motherhood.
I drank to handle the frustrations of raising a neurodivergent child.
I drank to relax, unwind, be social, manage my anxiety and stress, and let loose.

But I didn’t want to be drinking most (or all) nights of the week.

I wanted to be a woman who could take it or leave it with alcohol.

But I didn't want to give up alcohol completely.

I wanted to:

Michael and Sherry Price

I learned how to do this by acquiring new skills, learning effective coping mechanisms, and taking the key steps to stay in my power.   This is what you’ll learn in my programs.

You’ll learn how to easily fix some of the problem areas in your life instead of escaping and numbing from them. 

You’Il learn how to reprogram your brain to NOT DESIRE more alcohol.

You’ll be delighted to stop drinking.

This affects how you feel about yourself and you show up more amazing for the people in your life. 

You go after what you want without apology or excuses.

You’ll feel so good that you won’t want to overdrink or even miss drinking.

These skills
change your desire for alcohol, and
change how you feel about yourself.

When You Learn To Live in Your Power, You'll:

~ I help women stop overdrinking and love their lives again. ~

You can develop skills to change your relationship with alcohol and become a woman who can take it or leave it. My Drink Less Lifestyle program teaches women these skills and tools to be powerful, confident, and in control of their drinking so they can trust themselves around alcohol again.  We use cognitive therapy and emotional management techniques to do the inner work of reprogramming your brain.  Create a life where alcohol is no longer that important to you. 

You can apply these empowering cognitive and emotional management tools to up-level your life by living as the best version of you.  You’ll learn how to do this inside EpicYOU.  It’s my monthly program for women who want help living as their best self and achieving their goals. The program includes 20+ topics on common areas where women struggle (losing weight, self-confidence, setting boundaries, relationships, living your purpose, etc.) plus strategies to get you showing up powerfully in your life.

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