Gain Confidence & Peace Around Alcohol & Food

Have a habit of OVER-ing (overdrinking, overeating, overthinking)?

Master drinking less – or not at all – and turn it into a permanent lifestyle so you can enjoy life more.

Embrace your confidence and commitment for a healthy and joyful Drink Less Lifestyle.

Become a Woman Who Can Take It or Leave It.

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If this is you, you are not alone.

You’re smart, high-achieving, successful, hard-working and a good person.

You are over stressed, overwhelmed, and over anxious and have a secret habit of overdrinking and overthinking (and overeating).

All this OVER-ing brings temporary relief and relaxation.

But it’s causing other problems like weight gain, negative self talk, forgetfulness, and mental agony about yourself.

You want to feel better and stop OVER-ing.

The key to energy, vitality, and success is hiding behind every counterproductive habit you have.

Are you tired of OVER-doing it and don't know how to make it stop?

I got your covered

Take action that produces results.

Want the secret to getting this?

Who said a few drinks never hurt anyone?

Drinking too much is common in our society. We see it advertised and celebrated EVERYWHERE.

It’s all fun and games until it’s not. And you have a drinking problem.

Don’t let overdrinking continue to rob you of living your best life.

It’s okay if you’re not ready to give it up completely.

Begin creating healthier habits by drinking less.

So you can have more energy.

And remember conversations.

You can drink less without feeling deprived or that you have to give it up for good.

Be empowered again.  

is for women who want to:

Living healthy, confident, and empowered.

Here’s What You Get Inside

Access to the Entire EpicYOU Library

Access to 35+ courses (videos, workbooks, tools) giving you actionable steps to enjoy a healthy, happy, and epic life without OVER-ing.

How to Lose Weight

The key tools to drop weight (and keep it off) for busy women over the age of 40.

Drink Less Lifestyle

Access to my signature programs - "Drink Less Lifestyle" and "Get Your Off Button Back" - so you have peace and control around alcohol.

Stop overthinking

Turn off your mind and unwind WITHOUT needing or wanting alcohol or food and use these healthier techniques instead.

Setting Boundaries

Get the 3-step process that works in any relationship so you can stop nagging and create more time for you.

Mastering Your Emotions

Reduce your anxiety, stress and overwhelm WITHOUT needing alcohol or food and get massive relief using techniques taught in the program.

Live Coaching Calls

Four, 60-minute coaching calls each month with Dr. Sherry Price to help you stop over-ing and be able to take it or leave it.

Private Personal Support

Unlimited access to the private EpicYOU Slack community for support, daily accountability, ask questions, get additional tools and resources.


Valued at: $5,000+

Register today for: $249/month

Looking for more private help?

one-to-one coaching

Dr. Price opens a few spots each month to work with individuals on a 1:1 basis. If you’re interested in working privately with Dr. Price, fill out the application form below and schedule a free consultation call.

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