Improve Your Health, Habits, and Live Epic!

As the podcast host of Health, Habits, and Epic Living, I’m passionate about empowering women to improve their health through food, fitness, and fun, create positive habits, and live a life they LOVE!

The EpicYOU program is designed to give you the tools you need to lose weight, conquer your mental and emotional hurdles, and increase your energy and zest for life!

Your beliefs create your choices,
your choices become your habits.

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Create Habits That Support Your Health and Well-Being

Our days are full – jobs, kids, errands, to-do lists, groceries, and other household chores.  Women keep the family running smoothly and efficiently.  

Women are at the top of our game in our careers, in family life, and in our communities, yet we often struggle to carve time out to focus on what matters most – our health, creating healthy habits, and having fun along the way.

That’s why EpicYOU was created.  You’ll discover how to make progress on your most important health and wellness goals, get accountability, and foster self-trust.

The key to energy, vitality, and success is hiding behind every counterproductive habit you have.

Want the secret to BETTER health?

Women Have Unique Health and Wellness Needs

Women are not just smaller men.  We have unique differences in our body composition, go through different hormonal changes and stages, and respond differently to the outside world.

EpicYOU is about embracing our unique emotional, mental, and physical health.  You’ll discover how to release what’s holding you back and gain new habits that propel you forward.

EpicYOU also offers community. Women need a safe place where they are seen and heard without judgment.  The EpicYOU community of women have your back and give you the support you need.

Join EpicYOU and Transform Your Life!

- a program for Women Only!

Topics covered in 2024 include:

Health. Habits. Mindset


Value: $7000+

Register today for: $297/month

*Note: You can cancel anytime. No questions asked.

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